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We do our Best to serve you...
and help you bring your life in to balance...

Are you:
Worn Out?
Want to Feel Better…?
Need Help...?
We are here  for you...
With our holistic approach to health, we work to improve the wellness of the body, mind and spirit. We refer to this as "wholistic", treating the whole person, inside and out.
If you are unsure what your issues may be, we can help you figure that out too.
Even if your low energy or depression pertains to your career, relationship or finances, we will help you get on the right path.

Our knowledgeable staff of massage therapist, health coaches, and energy practitioners are here to help you with your holistic needs or should we say -  "Wholistic" needs.  

Marleau Peterson’s Healing Arts Center serving all of Butte County and surrounding areas. We offer massage therapy with certified massage therapists and holistic healing in Chico, California.
Sessions Available:

Bowen Therapy
•Traditional Naturopath
•Neuro Nutritional Therapist
Ionic Detox Foot Bath
Far- Infered Sauna
•Animal Sessions
•Expressive Art Therapy
•Reconnective Healing
ound &Vibration Therapy
Energy balancing
Chakra Balancing
•Transitional Breathwork
•Emotion Code
•Body Code
•Atlantean Therapy
•Angel Session

Law Of Attraction

Massage sessions:


Deep Tissue
oft Tissue
Pre/Post Natal
Hot Stone
Chair Massage
Trigger point

    • Workshops 
            • Events:

Expressive Arts Therapy

Healthy Cooking Classes
•Reiki Classes
Health Spa Parties
•Financial Wellness
   · Ladies Financial wellness Book Club
   ·Ladies Financial investment group
•Financial Wellness Game night
•Movie Night

••Just to name a few

Whats new at the Center :
now offering
Pilates sessions:

Private session 1 to 1 coaching
Pet sessions...

We currently have some pet sessions available....
We are excited to have
Tom Wilson Ph.D., Certified instructor coming to the center.

And we are so excited to be adding more types of sessions for our animal friends...
After all they are ...People too...

Pets and animals add so much to people’s lives, we are excited to help them as much as possible...
Animals so graciously receive natural help and energy work....

We will be having classes and workshops for the pet owners as well as practitioners who want to add to their modalities to include animals.


We offer workshops, classes, events...
We also have rooms for practitioners, healthy workshop & events available. 

562 Manzanita Ave Suite #10 Chico, Ca 95926
530-604-5186 text

Bringing You Back to Balance...

* Disclosure statement: We are not licensed physicians. We are not licensed by the state as a healing arts practitioner. The treatment is alternative or complementary to healing arts services licensed by the state. The services to be provided, nature of the services to be provided, the theory of treatment upon which the services are based and training experience regarding the services to be provided are not licensed by the state.
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